Friday, September 21, 2012

Joshua joins the team...

Yesterday, Peter was playing with the boys and decided to place our giant exercise ball in front of James. I was about to take a nap when Peter called me into the front room excitedly. I ran out and found James kicking the ball like crazy (see the post James: Our Future Soccer Player). He had kicked it a few times and then got excited by the reaction and so started kicking it even more. Peter and I cheered him on and made a big deal about him while Joshua just watched us all with a serious expression.
Later in the day, during one of the boys' playtimes I noticed Joshua just staring at the blue ball so I placed it in front of him. He was so funny. He picked up his legs slowly and placed them up on the ball, and then looked over at me with a big smile on his face. Haha... it was like he was trying to tell me, "Look Mom- I can do it too!" He didn't quite get the kicking thing until this morning when Peter thought it would be fun to put the ball between both of the boys and let them kick it back and forth between them. See the video to see how happy this made them!


Joy For Your Journey said...

That is clever to put the ball between them. Much easier than having to retrieve it every time one kicks!! :-)

*K said...

That was so cute!