Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Marriage advice from 9 year olds...

So my mom has posted some of these on her blog, but since the big day is coming up soon, I decided I'd post all of them :)

Here is a list of marriage advice from my students...

1. Don't get divorced, have fun living with each other, and don't ever get in a fight. Just be nice.

2. Hug and kiss but make sure he likes you first.

3. Love each other, respect each other, and never give up on him.

4. Never yell at each other or be rude to each other.

5. Get speakers to get Peter's attention.

6. Eat lots of cows.

7. Stick together and give gifts to each other.

8. Have 28 kids and eat lots of cookies.

9. Get a 19 layer cake for the reception.

10. Don't let Peter go out with his friends a lot.

11. Keep believing in him- Never stop believing. And never stop loving him.

12. Never get a divorce because you both are really nice and smart.

13. Peter should be our substitute teacher next year.

14. Kiss. Have a good time. Have kids.

15. You should know, Miss Wagner gets nicer and nicer as the days go on and if you keep going she'll be the nicest woman on the planet.

16, You should kiss Peter with lipstick and you should kiss him before you say I Do.

17. Take good care of Lacy [the family dog], Peter.

18. Never fight. Play with him. Take each other to a restaurant.

19. Be nice. Eat lots of ice cream. Play frisbee.

20. Be nice and have fun.

21. Always go to BYU games.

22. You should name all of your babies after people in our class.

23. Get 3 children. Go on dates often. And go to Chuck-a-Rama.

24. I think that you guys won't fight, but if you do, the first thing you should do is compromise.

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gwwpkc said...

Lots of good advice...from the experts.