Thursday, April 7, 2011

St. Patrick's Day- The luckiest thing...

So it has been forever (over a month- can you believe it?) since I have posted... luckily I have a bunch of stories I can put up here... I just need to make the time to just do it :)

For St. Patrick's Day my class made a clover and wrote on it, finishing this phrase:

The luckiest thing for me would be:

(here are what I consider my top ten answers I received :)

1. To make 60 friends every day.
2. If I could have my birthday every month (I bet she wasn't thinking what her age would have to be in a few decades :)
3. To get to go to school every day- even on weekends.
4. To have lots of legs.
5. If hunting was forbidden (this girl is obviously not a true Spanish fork girl :)
6. If I could write with a quill instead of a pencil.
7. If I could have my own room (this one was written 13 times)
8. If I never had to have the hiccups.
9. If I could always live anywhere but Alaska (Hahaha I wonder why this kid feels so strongly against Alaska...)
10. (And the one that will make this boy's parents proud) If I could be like Captain Moroni and save the world.


Joy For Your Journey said...

What I always thought would be a lucky thing would be to have detachable arms--and extra arms if you need them. I just don't like sleeping on my arm, and think it would be nice if you could take them off at night. And then when you need to carry a lot of things, it would be nice to have more arms than two.

Just a thought. :-)

I like the one about going to school every day. That kid must have a very good teacher!

Em Rob said...

Oh my gosh- LOVE the Captain Moroni! I want to know who said each other those!

Mic Wag Swag said...

so i wroe a completely witty and lengthy comment, but then it was erased, so just know that i laughed and then i made you laugh. the end. your kids are precious.

Your Mom said...

if i could like my comment i would. and if i could like your post i would :)

Lacy said...

So i love being able to name myself! es muy divertido :) somedays, i look into the mirror and think...oh, if i could just look like kristen my life would be complete. the end. for now. (approximately 2 min.)

Your Conscience :) said...

"You want to get Michelle a VERY big birthdayy present. you want it to sparkle like the noonday sun. then you will rub her feet and sing her to sleep. only then will you be happy :)"

Your Daily Fortune Cookie said...

"A closed mouth gathers no feet."
"A conclusion is simply the place where you got tired of thinking."
"Flattery will go far tonight."

The Lindseys said...

I just heard the big news!!!!!!!
How exciting! Congratulations on your engagement. You are adorable and your Peter is the luckiest man EVER! Bet you're busy getting everything ready. 12 weeks is super soon! We're so happy for you!
Love you!!!