Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

My mom pointed out to me yesterday that it's been over a month since I've posted any good stories on my blog. A lot of funny things have happened, but life has just been so crazy lately that I just haven't been able to keep up with it.

So here's my latest amusing moment. It just happened an hour ago and it's probably going to get my class beat up at recess this afternoon...

As I was walking my class to music, one of the fourth grade classes we passed by had their door open so I told my class to wave to the fourth graders. They were happy to wave and everything was fine until my class clown and secret favorite :) pointed into the room as it was his turn to pass and said in a disdainful (and unfortunately loud) voice, "Fourth Grade Nothings!"

Hahaha- have you ever read that book? I guess it's my fault for reading my class, "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" every day this week before lunch! But I couldn't help it in that moment. I was thrown so off guard, (and really, I thought it was pretty clever) that I just laughed, and my class must have taken that as my consent as a moment later, the rest of them pointed and said it again (in perfect and clear unison) to the next fourth grade class that also had their door open.

Oh boy... I'm probably going to be shunned by the fourth grade teachers today at lunch. And I told my class as we waited outside the music room door, that if they get picked on at recess today, they brought it on themselves.


Joy For Your Journey said...

Oh wow!! You updated your blog! I love reading your stories. I hope your kids survive recess. :-)

brook said...

one thing i need to point out: you are a total bully and love picking on poor red-headed airheads that are half hispanic. that being said, they are just taking after you, of course you laughed :)
but it's an awesome story
love your guts

kwag said...

this is a beautiful story. i'm glad they enjoyed that book!

Natalie said...

I can appreciate that. Sometimes when Tacy does something naughty, it's so dang cute that it makes me laugh. And then, immediately, Cali follows suit. And what's cute for a one year old is not necessarily cute for a four year old. And that's hard to explain to a four year old. On a separate note, I'll have to read the Fourth Grade Nothings book. I've only heard of it, but if you're reading it to your class, it must be pretty good.