Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear Santa Highlights

My Classroom Christmas Tree

On Monday, my students all wrote letters to Santa. They were really cute. It really surprised me how many of them are concerned with their "Good List"/"Bad List" Standings. I forgot what a big deal that was/is :) Here's some of the quotes-
From my math genius so this didn't surprise me...
Dear Santa,
Am I on the good or bad list? I think I have been good 51/100 of the time and bad 49/100, but that's still mostly good so am I good?
From a kid who probably should be worried about his standing with Santa... :)
Dear Santa,
I've been good for the last 6 days so I'm wondering if you could get me ....
And I loved this justification.
From the sweetheart of the class...
Dear Santa,
I think I am on the good list because I helped my mom cook dinner last night.
From the flirty kid from a few posts ago...
Dear St. Nicholas,
Hello, it's me. I have been mostly good this year. My brothers are the bad ones. You know what I want so I won't bother writing it.
haha good luck Santa.
I also loved the boy who wrote about the different guns he wanted and then finished with "but you can get me anything. Just not girl stuff."
And the letter that wins the Most Likely to Depress Santa Award has to be (and enjoy the spelling :):
Dear Sana Claas,
You are the nicest purson ever. And the elves. Plus the raindeer. I have a question for you. Are you always going to be the same Santa. Or are you going to die? Please write back.
I think I would have waited to write that letter until after I had received my presents Christmas morning. But so cute. Hope you enjoyed :)
Merry Christmas!!!


Joy For Your Journey said...

That was cute. They made me smile--and that is a good way to start the day.:-)

brook said...

hey hunny bun
here's my santa list:
dear santa
all i want for christmas is a nice long smooch under the mistletoe with that dumb boy. why do boys have to be dumb? i'll bet MOST of them are on the naughty list. look forward to hearing from you and your elves.
brook dorff

gwwpkc said...

Those were funny. Also enjoyed your other posts. Loved all the clippings!